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Waterborne primer halts corrosion, cracking

Cortec VpCI 374 waterborne metal primer provides corrosion resistance for metal and flexibility for increased resistance to cracking. The new coating is formulated as a fast-drying, thixotropic coating with low viscosity that resists sagging. It has been designed for production base coating using conventional spray or airless spray making it ideal for OEM applications. As needed, it can be applied by brush or roller for touch-up and field use.

Using patented technology, 374 offers a built-in VpCI anti-corrosion system yielding enhanced protection for carbon steel, cast iron, stainless steel, and aluminum. Its performance capabilities enable it to surpass corrosion resistance standards for ASTM B-117 for salt spray, ASTM D-1748 for humidity, and ASTM G-85 A5 for prohesion.

The coating's protective capabilities are especially important as a primer for equipment that is exposed to weather. The metal primer allows topcoats and finish coats to improve their outdoor performance and extend the life of metal equipment and components. VpCI 374 is recommended to be topcoated using VpCI 384 or 386 finish coatings.
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