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Western Star Assists Spinal Cord Research

Western Star Trucks has donated money for research of spinal cord regeneration by supporting a cross-country Canadian tour.

Terry Peabody, chairman and chief executive officer of Western Star Truck Holdings, presented the John Ryan Regeneration Tour with a $5,000 check to help researchers develop new methods to regenerate the spinal cord after injuries.

Ryan, founder and spokesperson for Spinal Cord Regeneration, was in a car accident in November 1994 that left him paralyzed from the waist down. To raise $5 million for spinal cord research, he is riding across Canada on a "hand cycle," a vehicle pedaled and steered with the hands.

This tour began in St John's Bay, Newfoundland, and finishes in Victoria, British Columbia. Donations can be made by phoning 800-570-3222 or accessing

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