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White paper touts benefits of NPC cable

TydenBrammall has released a white paper that addresses current major issues for cargo shippers. Emphasized are the need to know and understand the differences between preformed and non-preformed (NPC) wire cable used in making cargo security seal cables.

Through photos and illustrations of pre-formed and NPC cable, the company shows how the NPC cable will fray wildly when cut so it can't be reinserted into the lock body. The exposed, frayed cable then provides an obvious and immediate indication to security personnel that a breach has occurred.

Information topics include “Selecting the Right Cargo Security Seal,” “Wire Cable Characteristics and Manufacturing Processes,” and “Cargo Security Seal ‘Best Practice’ Recommendations.” Based on market and industry data, industry association material, and TydenBrammall's own research and development, the company has put together a piece on barrier seals, their advantages and disadvantages, and how to select the proper seal for an application.

TydenBrammall also discusses and demonstrates how installation and removal of a seal can make a difference in its ability to withstand tampering. In conclusion, the company offers a brief statement on the benefits of implementing a Security Seal Custody System in conjunction with using and installing the proper cargo security seal in the cargo supply chain.

For a copy of this white paper, phone 260-665-3176 or e-mail [email protected].

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