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Whole Foods shows lobsters some respect

Clearwater Seafoods Limited Partnership will supply Whole Foods Market retail stores with "consumer-friendly" lobster products. Whole Foods recently announced that it intends to focus its sales of lobster produce lines on humanely produced raw and cooked frozen lobster products, and said Clearwater is the only supplier that meets this procurement criteria.

Colin MacDonald, chief executive officer of Clearwater, said, "Whole Foods Market shoppers don't have to trade off quality, taste, and texture or the fresh-cooked lobster experience as they switch from 'live' to Clearwater's 'new super fresh raw frozen' lobster offerings. Clearwater's innovative shell off raw lobster meat, is being launched into the retail trade, and Whole Foods Market is among the first of North American retailers to make it available to their customers. The process to remove the shell is 100% natural and humane, and it does not involve any additives or preservatives. It allows whole claws and tail to be extracted and immediately vacuum-packed and flash-frozen to lock in that 'fresh-caught' taste and texture."

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