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Willis APU keeps truck drivers cool, helps firms save cold cash

Auxiliary Power Dynamics, manufacturer of the Willis Auxiliary Power Unit, said the Willis APU keeps truck drivers and their companies from being slapped with hefty fines for idling their truck engines. It offers high cooling and heating capacity, and its three-cylinder, 18-hp Kubota engine makes it quiet, powerful and inexpensive to maintain.

Standalone units use their own ducting, often taking up valuable space from the driver and providing air from only one vent. When technicians install the Willis APU, they hook up an exclusive fan drive system, which pulls an abundant amount of air across the truck's large condenser and radiator through the truck's own HVAC system ducting. So, the driver doesn't give up valuable personal space and the air blows from all of the vents in the truck, not just one.

Financing options are available, including a lease option that allows well-qualified fleets to get the Willis APU installed for little or no money down. Well-qualified fleets with certified technicians on staff may also be eligible to get Willis APU service training for those technicians so they can install and service the APUs at the company's maintenance facilities and avoid extended downtime.

For more details, visit or call 253-638-3145.

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