www.allisontransmission.comAllison DOC for PC offered

Allison Transmission has introduced Allison DOC for PC Version 2.0, a diagnostic software application supporting control systems for the Allison MD/HD product family and 1000/2000/2400 Series transmissions. The diagnostic software was formerly known as the Allison Transmission Diagnostic Tool (ATDT).

The Allison DOC for PC diagnostic tool lets a technician access diagnostic data from the transmission control system and conduct systematic troubleshooting of transmission problems by using embedded troubleshooting manuals. By double-clicking on a transmission diagnostic code displayed on the computer screen, the technician is transported to the specific location in the ATD Troubleshooting Manual to begin repair. The embedded troubleshooting manuals, complete with graphics, are also accessible for reference without using the code-driven hyperlinks.

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