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www.bestroutes.comOptiSite user-controlled graphics enhanced

MicroAnalytics Inc now offers OptiSite for Windows site location software in Version 2.1 with improved user-controlled graphics to simplify use and increase the ability to analyze results in graphical format. OptiSite for Windows is a distribution planning and site location model designed to help companies analyze and manage distribution resources.

Given a set of supply and demand information, the software helps determine the optimum number and location of distribution centers and best use of current facilities. It helps users determine which suppliers to use, where to stock products, how much of each product to stock, and which centers will provide the best and most cost-effective service.

In version 2.1, an OptiSite user can modify a solution by reassigning demand points from one warehouse to another through the graphics window by dragging-and-dropping. The user can also graphically relocate warehouses with added drag-and-drop functionality in the graphics window. Performing either of these new functions instantly recalculates the cost of the solution, allowing the user to make “what-if” changes and view the results in seconds.

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