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www.countonshell.comwww.texaco.comTruckstop Finder Debuts

Shell and Texaco have launched a new online tool for truckers on their web sites located at and

Truckstop Finder allows truckers to search for and sort truckstops by services they provide as well as by their locations. It can locate services like laundry service, fast food, private showers, truck parking, diesel fuel, certified scales, repair services, barber shops, cafes, truck washes, and ATMs.

Another program, Route Planner, also identifies Shell and Texaco gasoline stations along the way.

Truckers have an additional incentive to use the new Truckstop Finder. Shell and Texaco accept each other's gasoline credit cards. Shell MasterCard and Shell Platinum MasterCard from Chase credit-card customers receive a 5% rebate on all gasoline purchases at Shell truckstops, and can get instant cash at more than 700,000 ATMs and banks worldwide.

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