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www.drivernet.comDRIVERNet pK Introduced

A portable wireless hand-held device, DRIVERNet pK connects small- to mid-size fleets and their drivers to a bundled suite of DRIVERNet applications at about one-sixth the cost of satellite communication technology. With the addition of DRIVERNet pK, transportation professionals can access DRIVERNet solutions through a three-pronged delivery channel, which includes the DRIVERNet pK, the Internet, and a network of more than 400 workstations nationwide.

DRIVERNet pK delivers wireless-based business applications, including:

  • Web-based dispatch management.

  • DAT Services Freight Exchange Network.

  • Two-way fleet/driver messaging.

  • Truck routing with HHG miles.

  • Internet e-mail.

  • DRIVERNet pay settlements.

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