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www.freightdatasoftware.comFreightDATA adds graphical user interface

FreightDATA Software has enhanced its line of transportation software to include a graphical user interface (GUI). This proprietary software is designed for management and operation of small- to medium-size trucking, forwarding, warehousing, or logistics companies.

By incorporating the WinFAST GUI from the Visual Legacy Group, the package delivers graphical connectivity and technology for web-enabled character-oriented applications to provide a Windows-like environment. Users now have access to graphic-rendered screens such as HTML, pop-up menus, and drop-down lists. They can access direct hot links to e-mail and the Internet, desktop applications, and the network, all blended within the GUI. Other advantages include mouse-enabled functionality and more efficient customer service. If a customer has a question on a given screen, that screen can be e-mailed to FreightDATA's customer service department.

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