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www.internationaldelivers.comDiamond Logic is on the job

The new Diamond Logic application system from International Truck and Engine Corp simplifies truck chassis and body equipment integration for body builders, upfitters, and end users.

Diamond Logic's key benefit is reduction of vehicle downtime through addition of factory-installed electronic interface modules. International remote power modules centralize electrical connections outside the cab, eliminating the need to route and splice wires, enabling “plug and play” installation of equipment directly into the chassis, and extending International's multiplex architecture.

The Diamond Logic system provides these user-programmable options:

  • Hazard light override
  • Automatic door locking
  • Synchronized headlights and wipers

The possibility of equipment damage is reduced as self-protected electronic controllers ensure that equipment is operated only under optimal conditions. An on-board/off-board systems diagnostics simplifies maintenance scheduling.

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