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www.parlms.comPAR, Savi launch project

PAR Technology Corp and Savi Technology have launched a joint project with the United States departments of Transportation and Defense. The project will assess real-time communications between Savi's electronic bolt seal hardware (E-Seals) and software system and PAR's wireless systems for tracking security status of intermodal cargo containers transported between the United States and Europe.

The project links Savi's radio frequency identification technology products with Cargo*Mate, PAR's cellular and GPS-based tracking system, to assess interoperability in support of national security applications for monitoring integrity of cargo containers.

This six-month project, called the European Container Security Test and Equipment Tracking Demonstration, will evaluate benefits of these technologies working together to improve end-to-end chassis and cargo visibility, operational efficiency, asset utilization, data accuracy, and on-time delivery for both government and commercial sectors.

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