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www.peregrine.comFleetAnywhere Weblications

Peregrine Systems Inc, whose FleetAnywhere software allows customers to manage and track maintenance for fleets ranging in size from 200 to 85,000 vehicles, has a new offering: FleetAnywhere Weblications. This application allows customers to enter vehicle maintenance data from off-site service/maintenance locations, directly over the Web, or through a company intranet.

Meg Davis, Peregrine's product marketing director for the transportation product line, said, “Since the screens are browser-based, the program is very user-friendly. This not only increases efficiency for fleets, but also decreases training time required before new users can start using the system. Being browser-based also reduces the load on IT departments because they no longer have to install a GUI (graphical user interface) on every computer.”

Weblications available features include base work order and complaints, rental pool reservations, vendor invoice payment, and direct and rental billing.

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