www.snaptrack.comwww.qualcomm.comgpsOne gets new feature

Qualcomm Inc has announced a new gpsOne mobile-based product feature for position-location-related applications and services. The new feature for the gpsOne Wireless Assisted GPS (WAG) positioning system enables position location calculations directly in the mobile device in addition to supporting positioning fixes performed by a location server, as in earlier gpsOne releases.

The gpsOne mobile-based positioning feature maintains advantages of WAG (a form of Assisted Global Positioning System, or A-GPS, technology) while optimizing support for wireless applications such as navigation, telematics, health and personal security, and real-time asset tracking services. SnapSmart location server software, a product of the SnapTrack Inc subsidiary of Qualcomm, and Mobile Station Modem software releases supporting gpsOne mobile-based positioning are expected to be available before June 2002.

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