www.transcore.comwww.peoplenetonline.comKeypoint, PeopleNet interface

TransCore now offers Keypoint for Carriers transportation management system (TMS) software with PeopleNet Communications Corp's wireless fleet system. This interface with PeopleNet will enable carrier customers' operations and driver personnel to communicate more effectively and efficiently using:

  • Two-way messaging: Dispatchers can communicate via two-way messaging with drivers using the PeopleNet Wireless Network. With PeopleNet's two-way messaging functionality, dispatchers can create a freeform message for drivers or use pre-defined standard messages that fill in all information automatically.

  • Automatic checkcall: Drivers can conduct automatic checkcall with dispatchers using Keypoint's interface with PeopleNet, so operations personnel do not have to update pickup or delivery load status manually when drivers call in.

  • Truck location: Users of Keypoint can now query the location of a truck, and will receive via PeopleNet the location and distance from the closest town.

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