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www.tripmaster.comInterface device for fleets

Tripmaster Corp and UPS Logistics Group, through a marketing alliance, are offering a new interface device for distribution fleets that combines onboard vehicle data recording capabilities of Tripmaster's DT-240/GPS onboard computer with UPS' MobileCast Version 5.1 delivery management system. Information from both systems is stored in a handheld computer. Combined data can be sent to a PC over a two-way wireless network or uploaded into a PC through a reader when the vehicle returns.

The DT-240/GPS's sensors capture vehicle speed, engine rpm, fuel consumption, acceleration and braking information, as well as GPS-based vehicle location information obtained with Tripmaster's patented state line crossing feature. This information is then used to generate management reports on driver and vehicle performance, driver regulatory compliance reports, and federal and state fuel and mileage tax reports.

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