www.truckdown.comTruckDown.com completes site upgrade

TruckDown Info International Inc has completed its third major web site upgrade in five years. Free of charge, TruckDown.com connects commercial trucking and fleet service companies to more than 25,000 service providers in the United States and Canada.

Features of the upgraded web site include:

  • A news and featured-promotions section has been added.

  • An enhanced, user friendly site navigation system.

  • Registered users now have their most recent 15 searches automatically saved for instant retrieval.

  • During a service provider search, each stop is recorded on a blue bar above where users enter search criteria.

  • The “Add Service Provider” function has been simplified.

  • An enhanced contact page is available.

  • Other user tools are free for registered users.

  • TruckDown controls the look and function of every page without a programmer getting involved.

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