XC Center Bearing joins Dana lineup

Dana Corp's Commercial Vehicle System group has introduced the Dana Spicer XC Center Bearing with an innovative design that simplifies installation and alignment of multiple driveshaft assemblies for vehicle manufacturers.

The result is better overall service life of the drivetrain system by effectively eliminating the likelihood of damage that can occur to the isolator and internal bearings. “With the new design, our OEM customers will also see improved plant efficiency and flexibility as we have successfully reduced the number of brackets that were once required” said Jim Holman, engineering manager with Dana. “In the past, multiple hanger bracket configurations were needed to accommodate a wide range of driveshaft angle configurations and alignment issues.”

The XC Center Bearing has an extended-life ball bearing with improved sealing and upgraded rubber cushion designs. These features eliminate the need for slingers and provide improved performance and reduced maintenance for heavy-duty applications. The elastomer isolator system maintains optimal performance at angle fluctuations of plus or minus 10 degrees, ensuring that the driveline system is correctly aligned and operating smoothly and efficiently. The XC Center Bearing weighs roughly 1.5 pounds less than current designs.

For more information, contact Dana, Kalamazoo MI.

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