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Yara has DEF locator app for Android users

Yara has launched a diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) mobile locator application for Android mobile devices.

After the recent success of the Air1 DEF Mobile Locator app for iPhone, Yara’s Air1 app for Android will use GPS technology to identify retail outlets closest to a driver’s location to make finding DEF easier for even more drivers. The Air1 DEF Mobile Locator app, the official application of Air1, is available for free from the Android Market or the iTunes app store using the search term DEF.

America’s diesel-powered vehicles equipped with selective catalytic reduction (SCR) technology rely on DEF to meet the EPA’s 2010 heavy-duty engine and vehicle emissions standards and to make sure their engines run efficiently. Consequently, easy access to DEF is essential for all drivers to ensure that their vehicles keep running and that the SCR technology in their engines remains in pristine condition. Drivers who download the Air1 DEF Mobile Locator app will always know the closest DEF retail location.

As every Air1 retail outlet is listed in Yara’s digital mapping system, both the iPhone and Android apps will be updated monthly to account for any new retail partnerships and to incorporate additional user feedback. The Air1 mobile locator application allows its operators to:

•Find more than 600 US retail outlets selling DEF near or along their route.

•Search by city, state, or ZIP code for a DEF retail outlet.

•Pick up a driver’s location via GPS to help them find the nearest DEF retail outlet available.

•View the address and map location of various retail outlets selling DEF.

The app is available in 17 languages and includes nearly 3,000 DEF (AdBlue) retail locations across Europe, North America, Australia, and New Zealand. End users can also take advantage of the application’s useful functions via an identical DEF locator tool on Yara’s Air1 website, which also features a route planner.

To download the app for free, visit

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