YoCream to offer Jarritos frozen beverages

YoCream International Inc has signed an exclusive agreement with Novamex to manufacture and sell frozen beverages under the Jarritos brand in the United States.

Jarritos was the first national soft drink brand in Mexico and is a familiar icon in Mexico and among Hispanic people in the United States. YoCream is introducing Jarritos frozen beverage flavors of mandarin, fruit punch, and pineapple. The concentrated frozen beverage mixes come in shelf-stable bag-in-box packaging for use in frozen carbonated beverage dispensers and frozen uncarbonated beverage dispensers.

With headquarters and a dairy and manufacturing facility in Portland OR, YoCream produces frozen yogurt, ice cream, and frozen custard mixes, as well as fruit and dairy smoothies and frozen beverages. Novamex imports and distributes authentic Mexican food and beverages.

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