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Yokohama Tire continues Fuel Price Buster program

When Yokohama Tire Corp launched its Fuel Price Buster program April 1, the plan was to continue the program until diesel fuel prices dropped below $1.50 per gallon on a national average.

Even with current reports from the Energy Information Administration's Retail On-Highway Diesel Prices Report indicating that prices are hovering around that benchmark, Yokohama is committed to continuing the program through June 2003. The Fuel Price Buster initiative rolls back prices by at least 10% on Yokohama's most fuel-efficient commercial tires.

The Fuel Price Buster program, which Yokohama will re-evaluate at the end of June, offers a true discount — no coupons, no rebates, or credits — just an immediate across the board discount to all Yokohama national accounts. Tires included in the program are the RY637, RY587, and TY527.

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