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Aankhen updates SeeTrak platform

Aankhen updates SeeTrak platform

Aankhen Inc, provider of supply chain visibility and global asset tracking systems, has announced the general availability of its SeeTrak 7.0 SaaS platform.

SeeTrak is offered as a one-stop global asset tracking, security, environmental monitoring, and cloud-based SaaS service for supply chains and cold chains. Aankhen will provide tracking hardware and software integrated to simplify the procurement decision process. Key highlights of the release include support for smarter cold chain monitoring for food and beverage operations, as well as enhanced business intelligence, analytics and exception alerts.

For enterprises seeking end-to-end supply chain visibility or the first/last mile visibility in foreign nations, SeeTrak offers a superior solution. When incidents happen to goods in-transit, SeeTrak will send an alert. The user can see if shipments have actually left the factory or see if they have actually reached the intended destination in real time without relying on versions of truth, inaccurate data, or waiting for service providers to send transactions.

SeeTrak physical supply chain visibility system uses GPS/RFID/OCR technologies to track movement of assets and intermodal containers in real-time with security, environmental, and process monitoring. Financial supply chain visibility systems use Aankhen’s proprietary Shouldbe Cost computations to proactively manage procurement and pricing negotiations globally.

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