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Airclic improves Courier Perform

Airclic improves Courier Perform

Airclic has upgraded its Courier Perform product to include virtual cross-dock functionality to shorten delivery times and reduce costs for couriers/3PLs (third-party logistics providers). Cross-dock is a technique commonly used by distributors to increase efficiency of logistics operations. The process involves unloading materials from an incoming truck and loading it back onto an outgoing truck—without involving any storage in between.

The new “virtual cross-dock” via truck-to-truck transfer feature reduces delivery time and decreases both material handling costs and the amount of warehouse storage space needed. Regardless of change of custody throughout the process, Courier Perform delivers complete visibility and order tracking capabilities down to the item level. As a result, supply chain and logistics operations are streamlined to improve efficiency, increase productivity, and enhance customer service throughout the organization.

From same-day delivery companies to long-haul specialists, couriers nationwide are looking for ways to improve efficiency and productivity of operations.

Courier Perform automates processes and ensures real-time visibility, tracking, and management of the “who, what, where, when, and why” of delivery operations. With 360-degree visibility into operations, drivers will be on-time and mistake-free every time—and have real-time, electronic proof of compliance with Service Level Agreements.

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