Airclic provides mobileSCM Portal

Airclic provides mobileSCM Portal

Airclic has launched its mobileSCM Portal to provide enterprises a single point of access for managing their logistics networks to increase visibility into the entire supply chain, improve customer service, and improve revenue flow.

Pol Sweeney, chief technology officer of Airclic, said, “With this logistics network portal, managers now have advanced visibility into the entire mobile supply chain—including their 3PLs—allowing them to reduce disputes and process payments quicker. Most importantly, management can now compare performance, ensuring that, regardless of who delivers, customer expectations are always met.”

Benefits of the mobileSCM Portal include:

•Enhanced visibility into the last mile of the supply chain

•Comprehensive real-time data collection and reporting

•Consistent service delivery

•Improved customer service

•Thorough performance reporting

•Increased operational efficiencies and productivity

The mobileSCM Portal is available immediately. Access for more information, or call 866-707-2542.

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