Aljex Software provides AP solution

Aljex Software has released a new Accounts Payable (AP) solution catered specifically to the needs of the transportation industry. The company provides innovative, web-based TMS for brokers, carriers and third-party logistics providers (3PLs).

The new AP solution is crafted to organize and automate the payment process in a state-of-the-art user interface. It is integrated directly into Vision, Aljex’s flagship product, and can also integrate as a back-end solution for 3PLs looking to streamline their accounting. Integration provides a seamless and intuitive workflow.

“The new AP system is a more powerful, yet greatly simplified interface” said Tom Heine, Aljex CEO. “It provides an outstanding example of how smooth and easy the next generation of web-based software will be.”

This system enables an AP clerk to verify paperwork, pay carriers via check or ACH, bill their customers and upload documentation all in a few seconds. In addition, overpayments are virtually eliminated by automatically creating checks from rate confirmations.

AP has completed Aljex customer testing and is now available to the general public. Access for more information.

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