ALK produces 30th version of PC*MILER

ALK Technologies announced that the 30th version of its PC*MILER truck routing, mileage, and mapping software is now available. PC*MILER 30 brings a number of pre-trip planning enhancements, including a weather visualization tool to enable transportation companies to understand the weather’s direct impact on their business.

With PC*MILER 30, dispatchers can toggle the display of weather radar and alerts as well as a cloud layer. Current weather-related events are identified on the map, and alerts are optionally provided if the generated route plan intersects with an alert zone. Dispatchers can then analyze the alert type, effective and expiration times, certainty, severity, and urgency ratings to make decisions about routing drivers around hazardous areas or notifying customers of potential delays.

PC*MILER 30 also brings the ability to:

•Set a maximum governor road speed for more accurate ETAs and drive times

•Factor in new government mandated 60/70-hour-duty limits for hours of service (HOS) compliance and to maintain low CSA scores

•Insert an HOS-compliant stop or break location into the route with predefined, custom places for quick pre-planning

•Access the latest street-level maps of North America with updated addresses, roadways, and commercial restrictions

•Send an optimized stop list from PC*MILER Interactive directly to a driver through ALK’s standalone CoPilot Truck in-cab navigation app, helping ensure legally compliant executed truck routes that eliminate manual address entry and maximize driver miles per day

PC*MILER runs on Microsoft Windows, UNIX, and Linux platforms as well as IBM AS/400 (iSeries) and mainframe computers. It is also available as a web-based application for access anywhere, anytime and can be seamlessly integrated with transportation and supply chain management systems.

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