ALK Technologies adds RouteSync

ALK Technologies adds RouteSync

ALK Technologies Inc’s newest innovation, RouteSync, enables users to synchronize PC*MILER routes planned in the back office with the CoPilot Truck GPS navigation system.

RouteSync is ideal for motor carriers, private fleets, and owner-operators that want in-vehicle consistency with industry-standard PC*MILER routing and mileage used for dispatch, billing, driver payroll, fuel tax reporting, rating, costing, and other core management applications.

Using RouteSync, dispatchers can send PC*MILER-optimized routes directly to CoPilot Truck running on mobile devices including smartphones, tablets, laptops, and netbooks. It lets users define stop order, trip options (practical, hazmat, toll-discouraged, etc), custom routing preferences, and vehicle dimensions in PC*MILER, to then send to CoPilot Truck.

RouteSync offers a flexible approach to minimize the mileage variance between actual and planned routes. Users can select one of three levels of strictness for CoPilot Truck to navigate back to the planned PC*MILER route. Based on the level chosen, RouteSync compares actual driver location with prescribed routes, with out-of-route (OoR) alerts reported in real-time via e-mail to dispatchers or fleet managers. OoR mileage is also reported via e-mail immediately after each trip.

RouteSync functionality will be available for CoPilot Truck via the Apple App store and the Android Market. It will also be available for PC*MILER Windows and PC*MILER|Web monthly subscription service.

For more information, e-mail [email protected] or access

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