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ATI offers temperature monitoring app

ATI offers temperature monitoring app

American Thermal Instruments (ATI) has a smartphone app that enables users to access ATI’s LOG-IC NFC (near field communication) data logger to scan, review, and communicate real-time temperature monitoring data. The app provides fully functional end-to-end temperature monitoring in real-time.

At the IQPC Cold Chain Conference in Philadelphia PA recently, ATI demonstrated the LOG-IC NFC app on a Google Nexus S smartphone. Exhibitors highlighted the simplicity of the process, showing how quickly users could use a smartphone to access real-time data and complete temperature histories from a data logger. Based on the Android operating system, the app functions on any NFC-capable smartphone.

“LOG-IC was designed to take full advantage of advances in wireless technology,” said Matty Toomb, ATI vice-president of sales and marketing.

ATI developers embedded NFC technology in LOG-IC data loggers, enabling them to communicate with the LOG-IC NFC smartphone app. After scanning the data logger, users immediately see the data on the smartphone display and have the option to view it in various formats. All capabilities of LOG-IC data loggers have been maintained in the NFC version.

The new app includes the fully featured LOG-IC software, which offers clear, accurate decision support as well as extensive analysis and documentation. Users can automatically and instantly generate a variety of reports, charts, and graphs to meet individual needs. Capitalizing on the capabilities of the smartphone, the app also allows users to share data with associates and export it to other applications.

General market availability of the LOG-IC NFC app is scheduled for January 2012. Meanwhile, ATI is releasing the app to companies that wish to participate in the pilot program. For more information, visit

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