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BBTS releases new fuel economy guide

Time was, driver pay far outweighed fuel as a fleet's number one expense. With fuel moving into the lead, Bridgestone Bandag Tire Solutions (BBTS) is releasing its fourth fuel economy guide for large trucks. Tires & Truck Fuel Economy — A New Perspective looks at what BBTS has learned over a quarter-century of studying the relationship of tires to large truck fuel economy.

While the cost of fuel has certainly changed since the fuel economy guide first appeared in 1984, the questions fleets ask haven't. In addition to focusing how tires fit into the overall fuel economy picture, the guide addresses how speed affects fuel economy, how to select the best tire for a fleet operation, and how to balance the cost of tires over their lifetime with their effect on fuel economy.

This guide is a Special Edition of BBTS' Real Answers magazine. Fleets that wish to receive a copy can call 1-888-694-0469 or visit and click on the “Catalogs and Reference” button to fill out the “mail to me” e-mail form.

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