BlueTec technology training provided

As the EPA 2010 emissions regulation nears, Detroit Diesel is dedicated to ensuring its service network is prepared for the launch of its BlueTec emissions technology. Detroit Diesel recently completed its seventh BlueTec technician training course, which provides hands-on training with the proprietary one-box BlueTec system. The courses are held for customers receiving EPA 2010 demonstration units as well as the dealer and distributor outlets designated to support them.

The Detroit Diesel Training department started planning the BlueTec course in July 2008, with the first class taught this past December — more than a full year in advance of EPA 2010 emissions standards.

The training includes an introduction to BlueTec, tools specific to 2010, system diagnostics, and SCR system components. To further supplement the in-class training, Detroit Diesel will launch a web-based BlueTec course in late 2009.

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