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Cadec adds new fleet intelligence application

Cadec Global has launched Mobius InSight, a delivery operations application that provides the ability to monitor, measure, and analyze crucial business indicators and trends to optimize fleet performance across the supply chain.

An add-on feature to the Mobius TTS truck fleet monitoring system, Mobius InSight provides consolidated Key Performance Indicator dashboards in the areas of safety, customer service, compliance, maintenance, and cost for an at-a-glance visualization of delivery operations. From a dashboard, users can drill down for more detailed information.

The new application allows management by exception, based on user-defined performance conditions, with immediate awareness of these issues through alerts displayed on a dashboard, sent to an e-mail address, or text-messaged to any mobile device. Data is collected using Cadec's onboard computers and DeliveryTracker software.

Visit for more details.

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