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Cadec helps NFPT save $500K in fuel

According to a new case study, Northwest Food Products Transportation (NFPT) saved $500,000 in fuel in its first year using Cadec Global's advanced fleet management system.

NFPT, a wholly owned subsidiary of Land O'Lakes, transports more than seven million pounds of milk and finished dairy products daily for Land O'Lakes and other dairy companies. The firm manages its own private fleet of nearly 200 tanker trucks, a contract fleet of another 300 trucks, and Land O'Lakes' private fleet of nearly 1,700 trucks.

Driven by the need to increase fuel economy and reduce DOT violations related primarily to logging, NFPT decided to invest in fleet management software. “Until then, our process was entirely paper-based,” said Roger Nordtvedt, general manager of NFPT. His team conducted an evaluation and ultimately selected Cadec's advanced fleet management system.

Cadec's software, installed in all of the trucks in its private and contract fleets, has enabled NFPT to:

  • Effectively eliminate paper from its transportation process through electronic logging.

  • Automatically track en-route data such as mileage (used as the basis to pay drivers), sudden decelerations, over-rpm speed, fuel economy and off-route driving.

  • Increase fuel economy and reduce fuel expenses by $500,000 in the first year alone.

Download the full case study at

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