Cadec upgrades DeliveryTracker system

Cadec Global announced that its DeliveryTracker mobile proof-of-delivery system is now available on the PowerVue platform, Cadec’s SaaS system for fleet management.

DeliveryTracker was originally launched in 2009 for Cadec’s Mobius platform. It consists of software that runs on rugged, mobile handheld units that drivers can take out of the cab in order to scan product and capture signatures at the point of delivery.

Data from the handheld is synced with the Cadec on-board computer (OBC) in real time, and signed invoices can be printed on an optional mobile printer. Details such as over, short, and damaged stock; other inventory changes; electronic signatures; and even copies of invoices are sent back from the OBC to the office for integration with billing, inventory and ERP systems.

DeliveryTracker benefits include:

•Increased productivity—Maximizes driver productivity, allows for more and faster deliveries with fewer mistakes.

•Better inventory control—Bar-code scanning ensures that the correct products and quantities are delivered at each delivery site.

•Eliminates paper and improves recordkeeping—Automatically keeps delivery and accounting records current. No need for paper notes or invoices; everything is recorded on the handheld.

•Streamlines invoices and accelerates cash flow—Proof of delivery is conveyed in real time so invoices can be generated on the spot.

Kuna Foodservice was one of the first Cadec customers to implement Delivery Tracker in the PowerVue environment.

“Excellent customer service is ingrained in our culture and is our top priority,” said Bob Matteson, director of transportation at Kuna. “DeliveryTracker has significantly streamlined our delivery operations. The combination of Cadec’s PowerVue, OBC, and handhelds with DeliveryTracker is very potent. Drivers are essentially equipped with a mobile office, and Cadec’s real-time data delivery means our managers and in-house systems are instantly alerted to any changes and exceptions.”

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