CloudDETECT identifies unsafe behaviors

EDGE3 Technologies announces the commercial launch of a new platform: CloudDETECT.

This cloud-based artificial intelligence (AI) solution leverages the existing camera equipment that may already be installed in commercial trucks, transit or rail fleets and analyzes driver recorded video in order to assess driver performance. It identifies unsafe behaviors so fleet managers may proactively improve overall fleet safety.

Driver distraction is far more prevalent than accident-only data suggests, increasing by as much as 46% since 2013. In an effort to mitigate the increased risk, commercial fleets have been installing in-cabin cameras to assist accident investigations and facilitate insurance claim assessments. However, because it is too costly and time-consuming to review all of the driver footage, the overwhelming majority of the video is never viewed unless a traffic incident occurs.

With the introduction of the AI-powered analytics of CloudDETECT, fleet managers now can analyze 100% of all recorded operator video. The CloudDETECT platform not only reveals the prevalence of certain types of distractions across the fleet, but also provides a method to quickly sort and search these lengthy videos, identifying specific behaviors of interest including:

•Hands off steering wheel

•Eyes off road




•Cellphone use

•Reaching around in cabin



CloudDETECT is being offered on a subscription basis at a competitive price. Access for full information.

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