Cooltrax temperature monitoring device

Cooltrax integrates with CarrierWeb

Cooltrax, a provider of cold chain visibility and food safety solutions, has announced an integration of its industrial IoT platform with CarrierWeb, a provider of ELD telematics and other fleet management solutions.

Through this first phase integration, Cooltrax and CarrierWeb customers can now access critical product temperature data and driver logs using a single sign-in for quick and convenient visibility into both data sets.

The collaboration between the two companies provides Cooltrax customers with access to CarrierWeb’s CarrierMate ELD telematics platform, allowing them to track driver hours, manage fuel usage and drive increased productivity. CarrierWeb customers, likewise, can use Cooltrax’s family of wireless sensors and pallet level temperature monitoring. In addition, joint customers using both systems are now able to change from one back-office system to the other without using a second log-in.

Supply chain visibility is crucial to the viability of produce and other items that require temperature-controlled environments for shipping and storage. Quick access to transportation data enables businesses to make smarter informed decisions faster. Integrating with CarrierWeb brings Cooltrax closer to its vision of providing end-to-end supply chain visibility and real-time data insights for customers using innovative Cooltrax solutions like Fresh InStore for warehouse and retail locations and Fresh InSide for products.

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