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Dairycom turns 10, a provider of web-based supply chain, transportation, and commodity trading systems for the dairy industry, commemorates 10 years of operation. The company’s Software as a Service (SaaS) platform helps the industry gain market visibility, reduce costs, and improve efficiency as it manages bulk dairy commodities.

Suppliers, producers, haulers, cooperatives, manufacturers, and retailers have benefited from these innovations:

•Milk Solutions: In the dairy industry, most of a manufacturer’s cost is driven by milk supply. Milk Solutions help manage the raw milk supply chain from dispatching milk and paying producers all the way through receiving loads at the plant.

•Trading Exchange: created a centralized marketplace for trading cream, condensed skim, and milk. This specialized commodity trading exchange helps customers work together across a secure, online platform.

•Transportation: As a natural extension of the Trading Exchange, created its transportation market to connect businesses that need to ship bulk commodities with foodgrade haulers. This provides an efficient and economical way to move bulk dairy commodities.

Looking ahead, the company will continue to enhance and extend the value of its on-demand software systems that provide a better way of doing business for the dairy industry.

More information may be found at, including a video message from Scott Sexton, chief executive officer of

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