Data can enhance cold room processes

The new white paper entitled Conveyor and Sortation Systems in a Cold Room Environment by TriFactor’s Greg Tuohy is intended for warehouse and distribution industry professionals with cold room environments looking to improve their processes.

Doing anything productive in a cold environment is difficult. Sorting products in such an environment especially can be physically demanding and technologically challenging. In the past, sorting systems were only located in the ambient temperature areas of a warehouse. Products were manually picked from cold rooms and transported to ambient temperature areas to be sorted and or palletized, and then returned to the cold room areas of the warehouse.

In times that demand safe, quality products available when and where they are wanted, taking advantage of available technology is imperative. Sortation in cold room warehouses allows personnel to meet the physical and environmental challenges faced in distribution and manufacturing. The current sortation technology available is durable and cold-resistant, allowing the user to bring scalable solutions to meet demands of the cold chain and customers.

To view the full white paper, click here.

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