The DAWG monitoring tool goes cross-platform

TMW Systems announced that its exception alerting system, The DAWG, is now a fully cross-platform system that includes a native AS/400/IBM i version for the TL2000 enterprise transportation software and TMT Fleet Maintenance-IBM I systems.

The DAWG, named for its watchdog-like capabilities, was first released by TMW in 2004 as a business activity monitoring tool for TMWSuite enterprise transportation software. Another version was introduced in 2007 for TruckMate, also designed to scan transportation operations and automatically flag exceptions, allowing logistics operators and carriers to take immediate corrective action.

The DAWG adds real-time exception monitoring to most business intelligence applications used for transportation, including ResultsNow by TMW and CommandCenter. Users can set “alert thresholds” for key performance indicators or normal transaction types based on their acceptable ranges. The tool continuously watches operational systems for any data points that fall outside the preset range and immediately e-mails alerts to managers and staffers.

The DAWG and ResultsNow by TMW were introduced in 2008 with default alerts and KPIs specifically developed for fleet maintenance operations running TMT Fleet Maintenance software. The newest release makes the DAWG available to companies on the AS400/IBM i version of TMT Fleet Maintenance and TL2000 enterprise transportation software.

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