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Dispatching Solutions improves TMS

Dispatching Solutions (DSi) has announced that its Transportation Management Solution (TMS) has had several key enhancements.

One such enhancement was the integration of Google Maps through the solution. This functionality provides improved capabilities in route planning and job site/equipment location mapping. Users can integrate telematics information (latitude/longitude) to route vehicles to sites and equipment not listed on a map.

Another key enhancement is the addition of hours-of-service (HoS) information within the scheduling and dispatching functions of TMS. This provides dispatchers and fleet managers the information required to maintain compliance with federal and state regulations.

Schedule and order management dashboards were enhanced to provide user with more information at a single glance. The schedule dashboard provides multiple views of the existing schedule and all open orders that need to be scheduled. Dispatchers can “drag-and-drop” open orders onto the schedule to have them assigned to a driver for dispatch. The order management dashboard offers flexible views of all orders by status and priority. Both dashboards provide drill-down functionality into order details.

The enhanced release is available for implementation.

DSi Mobile’s TMS solution is part of the DSi Mobile platform, which offers a complete solution to help manage all aspects of a fleet’s operations.

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