Dok-Commander takes control of multiple loading dock devices

The Dok-Commander control system from Rite-Hite integrates the controls of multiple loading dock devices into a centralized, easy-to-operate control system.
Specifically engineered for a loading dock environment, the Dok-Commander can power a variety of equipment at each loading dock position, including a vehicle restraint, dock leveler, dock door, and dock light. There is no need for multiple controls to operate different pieces of equipment; a single Dok-Commander can power virtually everything at a loading dock position.
“Multiple controls at a dock position can be confusing and sometimes dangerous for loading dock workers,” said Troy Bergum, product manager of Rite-Hite. “The re-engineered Dok-Commander conforms with ‘Best Practice’ guidelines by streamlining a variety of electrical controls into a single system. Plus, it gives the customer an opportunity to interlock their loading dock equipment to ensure a proper, safe sequence of operation for maximum safety and productivity.”
Key features of the Dok-Commander include:
•The Dok-Commander comes with an interlock feature to ensure equipment is engaged in the proper sequence of operation. A green light interlock disables use of a hydraulic leveler or overhead door until the vehicle restraint has achieved a safe engagement. An overhead door interlock requires the overhead door to be opened prior to leveler operation. A stored leveler interlock ensures the leveler is stored safely before the restraint is able to release a trailer.
•Unlike standard PLC controls, the Dok-Commander is designed and engineered for the harsh conditions of a loading dock environment. It meets requirements for electrical noise, electrical, and environmental conditions and chemicals.
•The Dok-Commander also adds a level of security when linked with an active building security system. If an engaged restraint is tampered with, the building security system is notified and facility protocol is followed.
•The narrow design of the Dok-Commander allows for tight door centerlines at a dock position, while a simplified control panel is easy for loading dock workers to operate. In addition, the Dok-Commander integrates flexible circuitry for fast, easy component upgrades in the field.
For more information or to schedule a loading dock assessment, access or call 1-800-456-0600.

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