helps reduce distracted-driving dangers, a mobile application that reads text messages (SMS) and e-mails aloud and automatically responds, is now available. After several months of beta testing, a full version of the application can be downloaded free of charge by consumers. It was designed specifically to help combat the dangerous trend of texting while driving.

Developed by founder Heath Ahrens, uses software as a service (SaaS) to convert text into high-quality speech and automatically reads incoming text and e-mail messages aloud through a mobile phone’s speaker or Bluetooth. In addition, can automatically send a response to every incoming email and text message, letting senders know the recipient is driving and will respond upon arrival at his or her destination. Users can customize or disable their auto-response message and change it as often as desired. features one-touch activation, making it hands-free and easy to turn on before driving. The free application reads up to 25 words per message, reads text message and e-mail shorthand, and features a text auto-responder. “ Pro” features the choice of a female or male voice and a text and e-mail auto-responder. The premium version also delivers 500-word maximum message reads and eliminates ad-supported messages. Premium users will only receive essential service messages.

Both versions are Bluetooth-compatible and work with a number of mobile phones from all service providers. Beta testers and new users can download the application to their BlackBerry and Android-powered (“Google phone”) mobile devices by visiting Beta versions are also available for Windows Mobile and the iPhone.

For more information or to download the product, visit

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