EBE Technologies launches InfoStream

EBE Technologies  is launching a new company, InfoStream. As a managed service organization, InfoStream will provide management services for regulatory compliance to companies governed by transportation regulations and compliance requirements.

InfoStream is leveraging EBE’s driver management technology solutions to ensure that both regulatory compliance and company-specific needs are met. Through the use of web-based graphical dashboards and mobility solutions, InfoStream will deliver relevant and timely information to managers and drivers to provide maximum visibility to ensure compliance, mitigate risk and reduce costs.

Service offerings will include managing driver qualification files (pre- and post-onboarding), managing regulatory and company-defined drug and alcohol programs, scheduling and monitoring DOT physicals, maintaining vehicle files and scheduling preventive maintenance, as well as providing consulting services in areas such as DQ file audits, CSA reviews, mock audits and risk assessment.

InfoStream manages all compliance needs with technology solutions. Web-based management dashboards provide safety personnel with real-time visibility to information that will ensure fleet safety and compliance, including management of the driver qualification process from the application phase through post-hire. Dashboards provide two-way communication between company management and InfoStream professionals, in which managers can request specific services, reports and driver information directly through the dashboard.

To connect with drivers, InfoStream uses EBE’s Mobile Q fleet mobility solution and the driver portal to deliver timely notifications, allow drivers to submit documents and keep drivers informed.

Go to www.ebeships.com or www.infostreamonline.com for complete information.

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