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Emerson offers reusable tracking option

Emerson has announced the release of its GO Real-Time Reusable Tracker for cold chain monitoring. This new version of the GO Real-Time Tracker allows customers to recharge and reuse the device. It is suitable for use in scenarios where customers own their own trucks and/or control both the start and end point of a shipment.

“We can significantly reduce the cost of real-time tracking for predictable, round-trip delivery scenarios where the device can be easily retrieved with this multi-use model,” said Frank Landwehr, vice president and general manager, Cargo Solutions for Emerson.

“This reusable option complements our existing line of single-use GO Real-Time Trackers, demonstrating Emerson’s commitment to provide our customers a complete line of cold chain monitoring solutions for any scenario,” he said.

The GO Real-Time Reusable Tracker is available now. Customers can continue to leverage the online Oversight dashboard or Oversight Mobile app to manage all shipments from start to finish.

Visit www.emerson.com/cargo to download the app or to learn more about end-to-end cold chain monitoring solutions.

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