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Fleetmatics helps firms meet ELD mandate

Companies such as R&M Trucking and United Global Logistics (UGL) rely on software from Fleetmatics, a Verizon Company to keep their drivers compliant with the impending Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) electronic logging device (ELD) mandate.

For heavy truck operators like R&M and UGL, implementing the Fleetmatics software solution was a critical step in meeting the federal mandate ahead of schedule while helping to improve driver safety and productivity.

Fleetmatics LogBook manages drivers’ hours of service (HOS) by combining critical data from the vehicle with status updates made in the mobile application by the driver. Drivers simply log into the mobile app and start driving while their HOS are logged automatically.

Established in 1976, R&M Trucking, based in Franklin Park IL, has been moving freight around the United States with its fleet of 200 heavy-duty trucks. Like most businesses of this size, R&M had many moving parts to oversee and wanted a fleet management solution that would help manage compliance, monitor safety and eliminate manual processes—all while delivering excellent customer service. After implementing a combination of Fleetmatics REVEAL and LogBook solutions, R&M quickly realized many improvements.

“Overall, having Fleetmatics LogBook has made things easier for our drivers,” said Mike Narvaez, safety and compliance director for R&M. “They don’t have to struggle with filling in lines on a logbook form from the seat of their truck. You’re always current, your form and manner is perfect—you’ve got nothing to worry about.”

Since 2002, UGL, based in Itasca IL, has been in the business of moving freight. Providing less-than-truckload (LTL) and full container load (FCL) shipments as well as local pick-up and deliveries, intermodal transportation and hazmat services, UGL’s fleet of 138 tractor-trailers moves goods safely and efficiently across the United States. Using a combination of Fleetmatics REVEAL and LogBook solutions helped the firm monitor driver safety, productivity and fleet compliance.

“We implemented Fleetmatics LogBook way before the official mandate because we wanted to give our drivers enough time to understand how it works,” said P J Khera, safety manager. “With paper logs, we used to sit down with a calculator and actually do math. Not that it’s hard, but you have to make sure every minute tracked is correct. LogBook helps cut down on headaches for a driver, so they can focus on just driving.”

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