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GE Capital provides Driver Accountability

GE Capital Fleet Services has introduced Driver Accountability, a violation management system that increases fleet managers’ control over violation expenses. It saves fleets 60% to 80% over existing payment processes and provides drivers with the ability to dispute violations before they are settled with the issuer.

Driver Accountability is a highly customizable, automated system that empowers drivers to directly handle violations with issuers. This removes the need for fleet managers to assume risk and liability for violations. Fleet managers can access all violation-related activities online, which presents an easier way to handle violations.

Fleet managers also have access to GE Capital Fleet Services’ customer call center and expert consultants to help identify additional programs with opportunities for cost savings. One such program is GE’s Toll Management program, which was launched in 2012 to increase control of toll costs and reduce administrative burdens surrounding toll violations.

The new program is introduced as the number of issued violations continues to increase due to cashless electronic toll collection, advancements in enforcement technology, and more aggressive enforcement practices. Over the past three years, fleet violations have risen almost 40%, with the average violation fine reaching $69, according to GE customer data.

Mary Sticha from GE Capital Fleet Services will moderate a panel discussion on “Conquering the Cost and Frustration of Toll, Parking, and Moving Violations,” set for April 26 during NAFA’s 2013 Institute & Expo in Atlantic City NJ. The session will identify ways for fleets to take preventative actions to minimize the escalating costs of unpaid violations.

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