George R Ruhl improves fleet management and logistics using Intergis MRM system

George R Ruhl & Son Inc (GRRS) is a full line bakery supply house that provides dry and frozen goods to stores in Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, Washington DC, and central Pennsylvania. Hanover MD-based GRRS distributes 3,000 brand name products. The company distributes its products from a single warehouse containing dry storage and freezer space and uses 10 refrigerated trucks to deliver goods.

GRRS used an automated routing system to plan driver schedules but had no way to track whether drivers were making unauthorized stops. Company executives could see that estimated mileage was far beyond the route mileage. Since managers could only rely on cell phones to contact drivers, they had no way to verify their location or inform customers of delivery arrival times.

The firm realized it needed a mobile resource management (MRM) system to ensure schedules were being followed, so it could better manage the delivery fleet, and ensure it was meeting appointment times. After testing several MRM systems, the company began a pilot program on five vehicles using Intergis' Vericom MRM for its detailed reporting capabilities and quick updating.

Vericom MRM features GPS vehicle tracking devices that report real-time information including location, speed, and driver status. The customizable reports enable dispatchers to see as much or as little data as required.

After implementing Vericom MRM, George R Ruhl & Son witnessed immediate results and eventually added devices to five more vehicles as the company grew. Since dispatchers are constantly monitoring driver activity, they are staying on schedule, arriving on time, and not using vehicles for personal use. The company witnessed noticeable improvements in the mileage readings after shifts, and customers have voiced their appreciation for the more efficient delivery methods.

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