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Glacier Ridgeline lets one wear a computer

Glacier Computer announces shipment of the Ridgeline W200 wearable computer.

The W200 is made of a reinforced magnesium alloy that maximizes strength and minimizes overall weight. At 10.2 ounces and shaped to the contours of the arm, the W200 combines the features of a standard computer with the convenience and ergonomics of a wrist-worn instrument. The W200 has a 3.5" color display with touch screen, backlit keyboard and a hot swappable battery pack. The wireless functions of the W200 ensure continuous connectivity regardless of the user's location with plug and play Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS modules. Using the Windows CE or Linux operating systems, the unit can be quickly configured to access any remote host system through integrated wired or wireless interfaces.

Hands-free operation of the W200 overcomes physical limitations associated with normal hand-held computers. This allows users complete freedom to continue everyday activities using both hands while having full computer access at all times. In addition to an electronic compass, the system also integrates features such as a tilt and silent reckoning, which allows critical battery savings when the unit is not in use.

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