GreenRoad offers Advanced Tracking

GreenRoad has announced the integration and availability of GreenRoad Advanced Tracking, powered by the GPS Insight fleet tracking service. GreenRoad Advanced Tracking provides fleet operators with a new level of insight into fleet performance, resulting in improved fuel economy, better asset utilization, and enhanced productivity.

With the availability of GreenRoad Advanced Tracking, the company adds fleet management capabilities to its driver performance and safety system, which combines real-time, in-vehicle safety feedback with a management portal that provides insight and guidance.

Highlights of GreenRoad Advanced Tracking include:

•Interactive displays of an entire fleet, any vehicle group, or single vehicle. Color-coding is provided for easy status identification, 2D and 3D mapping, vehicle history trails, and automatic alerts when management attention needed.

•Increased fleet activity insight with landmark and geofence support. Automatic alerts occur when a vehicle enters or leaves a landmark or group of landmarks.

•Enhanced reporting to optimize fleet resources. Multiple, detailed activity reports including Drive Time Summary, Fleet Utilization, and Odd-Hours Violations. Vehicle MPG reports are provided with fuel card transaction data integration.

•A customizable dashboard runs specific reports and offers managerial insights with a minimum of mouse clicks.

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