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GreenRoad provides Smartphone Edition

GreenRoad is offering its smartphone-based driver performance system for fleets. Encompassing several key technological and engineering breakthroughs, GreenRoad Smartphone Edition—code-named “Asimov”—is available now in beta for Android devices.

The Smartphone Edition uses smartphone native functionality, including GPS and built-in accelerometers, to eliminate the need for a professionally installed telematics device in a vehicle. Drivers use the service by downloading the Asimov app, dropping the smartphone into the vehicle mount, and beginning their trip.

The service uses advanced, patented algorithms to detect how well the driver is driving. Whenever a risky or fuel-inefficient maneuver occurs, Smartphone Edition gives the driver immediate audio and visual feedback directly from the smartphone. Smartphone Edition also includes a distracted-driving prevention feature that can be configured to automatically disable physical use of the smartphone while the vehicle is moving.

Fleet operators interested in participating in the Smartphone Edition beta program are asked to visit or call 1-888-658-4420. Smartphone Edition for Android will be commercially available by the end of 2012, and the iOS version will be offered in 2013.

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