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Intellipur software helps monitor food safety

Purfresh, formerly known as Novazone Inc, has released Intellipur, a web-based software system that allows food storage and transport managers to actively monitor and control the safety and quality of processed water and food in cold storage rooms and shipping containers.

Intellipur has been added to all of Purfresh's ozone-based applications, which actively kill food- and water-borne pathogens, control decay, and stall food ripening via minute quantities of electrified oxygen, or ozone. Intellipur uses in-situ sensor arrays that provide real-time monitoring of water, food disinfection, storage, and transport conditions. Information is collected by a software package that issues alerts and reports, creating a data trail and permitting auditable process control.

For Purfresh's water and food applications, Intellipur works with ozone-based water disinfection, Purfresh-Cold Storage, and Purfresh-Transportation to deliver highly controlled concentrations of ozone. Purfresh's food wet-disinfection applications use ozonated water as a natural disinfectant, killing micro-organisms in wash water and on produce surfaces without the use, residue or disposal issues of traditional harmful chemicals such as chlorine compounds.

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